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Friday, January 08, 2010

Back-with a new camera lens!

So, it wasn't the battery afterall that had died on my camera at Ardenwood. The lens was broken and Mr. Partner quickly replaced it in time for Christmas morning. December had us entirely consumed with advent (this has become a major event at our house-the entire month!) and although I had resolved to document it all, as well as all the handmaking, the idea of picture-less blog posts weren't too exciting so I let a lot go.

I ended up taking some belated pictures for posterity. I know its totally anti-climactic at this point, like a really late Christmas present you never expected or even asked for, but, humor me, and witness some of the things I made for the kids this year. I had to scale it way back and ended up making 2 of everything to keep things "fair," if I couldn't make 2 of them it is on hold until next holiday.

First, the lochness monsters. They are hansigurumi patterns straight out of her book. If you enjoy these patterns on etsy I highly recommend the book (although this is my first pattern from it). I also recommend joining the hansigurumi ravelry group for errata, because maybe you are like me and have zero interest in figuring out mistakes in patterns such as these. Honestly, I wouldn't even know how. Thank goodness for you ravelry.

I did have a heck of a time with the necks and shaping, the necks still want to twist around a bit and I had to add a wool wrapped pipe cleaner to both to get it to maintain a stable, neck-like shape.

The best part of these were the tummies! I love that splash of color on the bottom (and hello glare!). I'll spare you the pictures of them tucked into the branches of the tree with twinkling lights because I missed the holiday and even post-holiday boat.

Second, the "black and red cape with or without a hood and I don't even care what kind of black and red is on it" cape, as requested from Santa by Super M. Santa had to come up with a blue one also, because that is the color of the 3 year old moment. Oh, and can I just say that I actually made 4 of these! 2 (unlined) cloaks were sent to cousins in Oregon! I'm not sure if my boys think I made these or Santa did, at one point the fabric was discovered by J and he told me (scowling) that Santa was already working on this project so I don't have to do it. Don't they look overjoyed? It makes all those late nights worth it. At least its not a pink bunny suit kiddos-go back to playing with your toys now.

Third, felt pencil rolls! I made 2 but this is the one that has my one layer of I felted-and-dyed-it- naturally felt. I made this little sample felt at a class long ago, I used naturally dyed romney top (that was yellow) and layed it out with some white merino and then felted it, after that it went in for a single dip in the indigo pot. Its a splotchy sort of greenish but I like it. The hand made felt makes for an incredibly well cushioned roll-these pencils won't be breaking any time soon. I wasn't exactly sure why I was making these, perhaps to pad the count of handmade presents? Because they were easy? Or because I happened to have 2 sets of brand new Faber Castell pencils stashed away and a perfectly sized scrap of hand made felt? In the end, that is why I ended up doing this but, I never really "got" why these would be better than a metal pencil case. They seemed kind of bulky and just kind of a weird idea. I wondered why I was sewing a fabric version of something that already had a better metal one? Just because I could? I could knit myself a coffee mug or bicycle but would it be a good idea? As it turned out, this was the easiest and maybe the most loved thing I made them this last Christmas. They really enjoy the orders of the colors and the individual slots for each pencil, and if one is missing-they know it. Its strange how this easy project turned out to be so loved and used. So, thanks Amanda Soule, I never should have doubted you and all your great ideas.

The only thing I made here are the little boys. It is a warm and fuzzy felling that my 6 year old little tough boy still wears his black and red star dress in his happiest moments. I love that.


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