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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas at Ardenwood

Every chance I get, I jump to go to Ardenwood Historic Farm. I love it, the grounds, the house, the docents and the full days we spend there. My camera's battery died near the end of the visit and so I didn't get pictures of the blacksmith, holiday puppet show, yule log hunt or the new pheasant I discovered. Truely, there was something for everyone there. And anything that can get my 2 very young boys enthusiastically crafting is tops in my book:

There was herb sachet making, mistletoe and cranberry/popcorn garland stringing among many other activities but this is what mine like to do most of all:

There is lots of time for kid stuff at the water pump.

There is mom stuff. (I am grateful to not have to do some things by hand.)

There is fantasy in the trees just above you. Seriously. Right above you. I almost walked into this guy.

Below you isn't so bad either. (Romney I think-squeal!)

And Suffolks. Those ears are seriously cute.

Here is the version that came home with us:


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