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Friday, October 16, 2009

Learning to knit

At our semi-regular Friday craft circle we've slowly been learning new things. My friend Kay learned to knit and I am learning how to teach someone else how to knit. Kay is now working on a skinny scarf for one of her daughters with some of my left over malabrigo yarn. Addi turbos are probably not the easiest needles to learn on but Kay is a champ and is slipping and sliding those stitches off like a pro, as you can see. I figure if you start with a variegated rainbow malabrigo for yarn you will be pretty well hooked on knitting for life. This is a my strategy as a fiber enabler-shh!

Last week I was working hard on a "skeleton" type mask for Super M's halloween costume. And then he changed his mind. Now he wants to be a gorilla. I am wanting to tell him that I started knitting his gorilla costume so he can, again, change his mind. We go through this every year and it is certainly a deliberate move on his part to avoid my handmade costume ideas. Up until this point he has had only (silly-ish) mama made costumes. (And one awesome hand me down space suit costume when he was 2. It was an all orange jump suit with a couple of patches and it was so tight it was 3/4 up his butt the whole night. The best part was that half the people who saw him thought he was a "tiny inmate.") I'm finishing this mask one way or another and he will be shown here modeling it in all its ridiculous glory. I am having to sell this to him as a "skeleton" mask but really, its a bit more like a knitted psycho mask. In the end, it may be more fitting for myself.


Blogger Tan Family said...

Fantastic knitting! Being a fiber enabler is an important job. :)

10:41 PM  

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