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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harvest Fair

Here are my boys disappearing into the popcorn field at Ardenwood historic farm. I've been looking forward to this little fair since summer. The corn harvesting is definitely the highlight for all of us.

J was more enamored of shucking the individual ears of corn than gathering and picking. It was tough to get pictures of Super M who would appear only sporadically from the field with more ears of corn for me. I think I caught the back of his shirt before he was completely out of sight.

The Indian corn was so beautiful. We loved opening the different colored husks, not knowing what the ears would look like on the inside.

Another favorite spot were the bales of hay, piled sky high. Or so it seems when you are 3 years old.

And, as always, I jump at any chance to visit the great wheel at Ardenwood.


Blogger Marina said...

What fantastic photos! I had forgotten about that huge haystack, it was my M's favorite thing when we went to that festival a few years ago :)

5:40 AM  

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