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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nature Table and Witch's Circle Part Deux

Yesterday I had quite possibly the best morning ever. Seven of my best, craftiest, sweetest mama friends came over to drink tea, eat pastry and make stuff. The night before, Mr. Partner (remember how he totally hates how I call him this? And so I totally must call him this.) wished me luck with my "Witch's Circle". Thanks honey, it was definitely The Best Witch's Circle Ever. Marina has more kindly dubbed it an Inspiration Circle and blogged a far more beautiful Part Un than I ever could.

Some learned to cast on and knit for the first time ever! Some were old friends and some met for the first time. It was a group of women, who I feel share very similar values and, I think, everyone hit it off really well for this reason. It was so meaningful to craft with other moms who do most of their creating late at night by themselves. Those quiet nights of blog perusing and random creating are crucial part of my daily rhythm and sanity. Its usually through other blogs that I feel connected to other moms like myself. This daytime, real life gathering made me absolutely giddy. We got to touch and see each other's work, and oh my, there was some serious talent in the room. Arriving very fashionably late was one crafster (who is known as Mama Sandra around these parts) and she casually strolled in with this:

Yeah, no big deal, right? Here you go. Its only a handmade lotus flower! And, of course, it has to live here on the handmade nature table/fairy house:

Quite possibly forever. I don't know how seasonal that idea is but my flower is not going anywhere. Its an evergreen lotus as far as I'm concerned. Some of the wool was naturally dyed locks I gave Sandra for needle felting. There was some delicate cormo and merino that I handwashed LONG ago and rinsed a little to rigorously and so it felted a little. She felted it a lot and turned it into this gasp worthy gift. Thank you mama Sandra and thank you ladies for coming and sharing all that you did. Please tell me you'll come again soon. Meanwhile I guess I'll drink tea, eat pastry and make stuff.


Blogger Marina said...

It was really a fun time, you are magical in bringing us all together! Mr Partner better watch himself or we'll cast a spell on him at the next circle ;}!

I actually did the lotus flower yesterday, though with far less stunning results, I forgot that you can wrap all the wool around the ball at once and then do the hot water/soap thing, I kept working it with water and soap after EVERY freaking whisp of wool that I put on!... we'll have to do it as a group next time so I can redeem myself.

Thank you for hosting such a fun morning, can't wait to do it again!

8:57 PM  

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