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Monday, October 05, 2009

Cleaning House

Here is a 4 oz bump of roving that it took me nearly 4 years to spin. It was one of those random pick it up/put it down/lose it under the passenger seat for 6 months type of projects. I started it long ago on a drop spindle and carried it around very sporadically since then. I think I lost various balls of it once it was wound off the spindle and finally, finally I recently gathered them all and finished plying on my ebony Jenkins Turkish spindle.

Its a pollwarth roving that I picked up at Deep Color, it had LONG color repeats with subtle color changes. The fleece itself has some natural (brownish) coloring in some places, I think its a blend of brown and white fleeces all blended together.

Since it was spun here and there and everywhere over the course of a long period of time, it is a whole mess of different amounts of twist and thick and thin. Now that I can see it in terms of doll hair (squeal!) there is a whole new world of beauty in these irregularities.

Speaking of dolls, here is some really smelly alpaca seconds and thirds that I got CHEAP for stuffing. I was thinking I'd card it with second quality wools I've got laying around. But its incredibly tedious, sometimes I wonder how can I be this cheap! The time alone to do this kind of boring carding is worth the extra couple dollars a pound to just buy the stuffing already in carded batt form. This fleece made the whole back half of my house smell terribly while in the pot.

Stinky or not, there is something about raw fleece that you've got to love. If only there were some sort of smell-o-blog program so we could share the irresistable putrid goodness together.


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