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Monday, May 11, 2009

More Lately Yarn and Hope

I picked up some pollwarth locks at Deep Color's open house. There was just a tiny bag left and that was good for me. I can get carried away with the hand dyed pollwarth locks. This bag was reds and blues, I plied but in the end I wish I would have left this as the elegant single it began as. I flick carded the locks and spun them over the fold. I also picked up some undyed grey pollwarth locks there, they are irresistable.

There is enough for a small project for a colorful person. About 3 oz, maybe it is enough for a small colorful person at best.

And here's to hope. I thought our neighborhood racoons dug up all my bulbs and tore them to pieces but lo and behold, my first dahlias ever. I have four plants, maybe I will be able to dye a single skein of yarn with the blooms at the end of summer.


Blogger Marina said...

Oh I LOVE how you dye your wool with plants that you grow!

8:05 PM  

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