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I live in a pile of bricks with a fire puter-outer, a Halloween enthusiast and a pretend lemur, who sometimes admits to being my second son. I have a kitchen for flowers. I know all the lyrics to the Spiderman theme song and (am forced to) sing it everyday. I cook with color. This was a blog mostly about yarn spinning and natural dyeing. Now, it is fair to say, it lacks direction entirely.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

August Birthdays

We had a lot of little girl birthdays this past month. Our gifts looked like this on the outside:

and this on the inside.

I couldn't stop myself. It was a bit of Easter in August.


Blogger Marina said...

Those are absolutely adorable!

I am now not only inviting myself over to see you spin and learn how to sew Waldorf dolls, but also so you can teach me how to knit those sweet rabbits in time for Easter!

(Maybe we should just start a crafting circle? :) )

12:34 PM  

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