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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few results

A few bumps of fiber out of the pot, starting with some overdyeing with indigo:

A single dip of indigo by itself:

A llama/merino blend that had a dusty color that wasn't crazy about pre-dyeing, but its much improved now.

Here, I got some help with the indigo pot from my good friend Emanuela, she carefully dipped for me while I snapped away trying to capture the color change. When you dye with indigo its important to not introduce oxygen (or air bubbles in this case) into the prepared vat, the indigo will react with the oxygen when the fiber or fabric is removed from the vat and the air hits it and then fiber changes from a yellowish/green color to blue. Maybe you can see the yellow/green color change near the pot-its tough to photograph because the fiber has to be pressed to the side of the pot while its being pulled out or else it will drip heavily into the vat and there will be too much oxygen in your pot which will inhibit proper dyeing.

Here is our pot towards the end of our dyeing for that day. Stinking like rotten eggs with a yellowish green color on the top-this is when it started leaning too much towards yellow and the pot went off and was not giving us much color at this point. A good time to take a break.


Blogger Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Beautiful, Andrea! (I don't know why, but my reader only updated with this post today!) What are you using this for?

8:11 AM  

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