Cherry Bomb Baby

I live in a pile of bricks with a fire puter-outer, a Halloween enthusiast and a pretend lemur, who sometimes admits to being my second son. I have a kitchen for flowers. I know all the lyrics to the Spiderman theme song and (am forced to) sing it everyday. I cook with color. This was a blog mostly about yarn spinning and natural dyeing. Now, it is fair to say, it lacks direction entirely.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitty No Name

Finally, I finished a stuffy for J! He has threatened to confiscate most of the stuffies I've been making for his own. He claimed this one before I had put features on it and for a day, it went by Kitty No Face. I asked nicely if I might put a face on it, he said no. Then he said yes. Then there was some bargaining about the number of eyes it needed to have. First, "one here here here and here," and then very firmly, "Only One." In the end a regular face prevailed and was welcomed by him afterall-whew!

Now Mr. Partner thinks that I got a little bit carried away when indenting the eyes on Kitty No Name, and he may have a point. You can't even see the right eye in the above picture, I may have to re-do them. But she's got a decent profile and I love the fact that she is already pilly! Bad kitty isn't seeing much of the world and lives in a rumpled comforter most all the time but Kitty No Name is out and about being happily strangled and dragged by her neck just about everywhere. One last confession about this one is that she has 2 left legs but no one has noticed yet so I don't think I'll have to re-knit that at least (and now you see why we have waist up shots only).

Insane as it is, Christmas crafting time is here and I'm behind already. I'm setting relaxingly low sights this year-I've got 5 stuffies to make and for two of them I am branching out beyond the world of Debi Birkin and into Hansigurumi. Wish me luck.