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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A little spinning and knitting has been done

Ta-da! This is the yarn that was handcarded from pollwarth locks. And that covering it, is a fine shadow. I spun fairly long bits of solid color and navajo plied it for a self striping kind of effect. I don't quite know what to do with this one, I really like it but it may become a holiday gift. Maybe even to someone who doesn't knit. Because that is how I roll sometimes.

The left over pink and yellow bits of pollwarth ended up in this yarn. Its mostly white merino top from my trade with Jacey of Insubordiknit. I plied it against a core thread, which was the white (cotton I think) with pink, yellow and green colored poofs. The pink and yellow pollwarth parts were coiled when I got to them in the plying. I think this would be a great scarf knit with a dropped stitch pattern, super long and skinny and knit on big needles!

I also used random bits of scrap fuzz (a lot of random hand dyed silk bits) and pushed them up into halos which you can kind of see here. Those little bumps are actually halos, or little "O's" that we practiced at camp pluckyfluff. I alternated coils and halos along the way.

Hey look! A FO! This scarf came out a bit short for my taste, I like to be able to wrap it around my neck and have two generous pieces dangling on either side. This scarf gives me one wrap around the neck and one pice hanging on the front and one on the back. I think I make all my felted scarves too long because I just can't don't like skimpy scarves. It is soft and I do like it and it will go to someone for christmas because, well, that is just how its going to go down. If I had unlimited time I'd probably re-knit it with 4 fewer stitches cast on. Sigh...

The pluckyfluff yarn is all knit up into a little garter stitch square. Um, rectangle I mean. I want to line it with some fabric and put wooden handles on it. This is so my thing. A funky ass purse for the 4 essentials: cell phone, wallet (which my toddler calls "wally") or wally, keys and sunglasses. I lost my third pair of sunglasses for the year and I don't think I deserve anymore as I obviously don't appreciate them. But I can't live without a good pair of big old, round sunglasses. I like to look like a bug when I wear sunglasses. And making this weird yarn into a purse can help me acheive that. Doesn't it make perfect sense?

Folded in half and looking almost purse like:

The hunt for the right handles is on!

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