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Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Million Years

Wow, I sure fell off course with the whole blogging thing, but not to worry because I haven't fallen off the whole fiber thing. Not even close. There have been so many projects in progress I think I overwhelmed myself with it all. Pretty much I only care about pictures of fiber on other people's blogs so I won't go into the projects in the works unless there are some pictures to go along with it. I got these dyed pollwarth locks from Deep Color as a part of Claudia's farewell sale. When I had my second baby I bought a couple baggies of rainbow dyed pollwarth locks and I would dip my hand in and just spin them straight from the lock on my drop spindle as I walked to get coffee with my baby wrapped on my chest. Those little baggies kept me sane, being able to pull out a little burst of color and spin it lock by lock was like being able to pick up one little moment of sanity at such a chaotic time. So, I couldn't resist and I got this last bag as a last little goodbye to one of my favorite things from Deep Color.

This picture is actually old, I carded all the locks individually in an attempt to keep the colors clear. The result is a lot more of a pastel affect than the individual locks as the remaining undyed white parts blend in. I spun this already and navajo plied it, again, with the intent of keeping the colors separate and strong. I have to get a picture up of the yarn. The pinks and yellows dominated so much that I reserved some pinks and am doing something COOL with them in another in-progress yarn. More about that soon!

Last Saturday I attended a mini camp Pluckyfluff with Ms. Fluff herself. It was all day in San Francisco and color me a wild woman because I escaped my two kids and went out of the house and did something All By Myself. And this is the result. We made crazy batts (wools, silk noil, shredded money, tinsel, sparkel, felted bits, yarny bits, cottons and other things we found on the floor. Just kidding. Kind of) I could have been crazier with the carding, it was just so contrary to everything I've been taught about carding and drum carding. She just stuffed it ALL in there and cranked that sucker hard! And only one time! And she really stuffed it in, like a huge pile wedged in edge to edge. But it was fun to not try to bend the textures to my will, I tried to let go and just let the fibers take their own shape as the spun up.

This is the finished yarn. There's just a wee bit really, who knows what I'll do with it. Who cares? I'll need some more time to pet it before I think about knitting it up.

My single, which you can barely discern and the cool thread I plied it with. Its a black cotton with little colorful poofs, I have a similar white one with the poofs as well. I was so excited to find this thread, I got it as a gift along with tons of other cools threads/yarns. The ex-art teacher at The Walden Center School gave me her old jack loom as well as all the trimmings.


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