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Friday, August 03, 2007

A Trade

I did a recent trade with Jacey of Insubordiknit and lookit what I got! She is too generous! I traded a beloved but not-getting-used mei tai carrier for these goodies:

First this, randomly dyed Merino with purples and a little black and green.

Which is becoming this. Yes, yes, how thrilling a 2x2 ribbed scarf. Well, I never claimed to be a knitter of brilliant things! In fact just the opposite. Anyways, this top told me that it wanted to be spun thick and thin and didn't want me to plan anything. Just knit! So I did. Anyways, last year's Christmas knitting went down to the wire so I'm starting early with projects that equal instant gratification for me.

I don't know what to do with this one yet. It feels so special and green. Green makes me happy. I feel like this one needs a definite plan. I have a vague idea that it would be nice to make something for Baby J with it. Maybe a sweater. I'm done with making pants for toddlers with Merino wool. At least not my toddlers, it ends up a pilly, muddy mess. I hope a sweater might see a little less wear and tear than pants would. Anyways, the greeny-ness fills me up and I like just rubbing this on my cheek for now.

There was also this awesome batt which I pulled out into some sliver. It has a natural grey base and some lavendar and bright blue accents.

And its becoming this. Actually, this has been finished and washed and dried at this point. I'll try for another shot of the finished skein tomorrow. I spun it as a single since I wanted to leave some of the bright pops of color from the blue, it came out as a nice marled yarn, between dk and worsted weight.

Two of my favorite things about spinning are:

1. You can make exactly what you need for a specific project

2. You can make whatever the hell you want with no project in mind whatsoever. Yarn for the sake of yarn!

This batt made me want to do number 2. I just couldn't wait. I think I've been bogged down with lots of raw fleece for a while now and just having some prepared fibers that have been hand dyed by someone else was so inspiring. Thanks Jacey! And she also threw in lots of white Merino! My favorite! I think I'm going to get a mordant on those soon and then do a little dyeing. I'm torn between doing more extracts or using some of the frozen flower heads or onion skins I've got saved up.


Blogger Kristine said...

Hey A --
Great blog! I love all of your posts about natural dyeing. And your scarf you're knitting, that's beautiful.

5:15 PM  

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